Mantra has my whole family
getting healthy ... thank you so much ❤❤ - Andrea B

Meet Becca

Becca, an Indonesian native, remains close to her Balinese roots as she began her journey to the U.S. in 2021. Her deep rooted belief, and love of holistic healing, as well as the experience she’s gained surrounding Ayurvedic practices is embraced at ‘Mantra Wellness’. At ‘Mantra Wellness’ she has the opportunity she’s always dreamed of, to help and educate clients to reach their holistic goals through the treatments and consultations we have to offer.

Growing up in Indonesia, she had the privilege to have an International education where service, quality, and integrity were emphasized almost on a daily basis. This really helped Becca understand that numbers and grades didn’t fulfill her as much as volunteering, or helping others grow as individuals. As she wasn’t the best academic student, she was often recognized as reliable, helpful, and kind.

As of April 2023, Becca had twins! A gorgeous boy, Erik Reed, & her beautiful daughter, Everley Belle. Outside of our space, Becca is primarily a mother, partner, daughter, & sister. Family comes first to her and she has been lucky to be blessed with 2 of her very own.

Self-care with a purpose begins at Mantra Wellness - heal your body, relax your soul.

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