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Meet Shayne Guidroz

Massage Therapist

Shayne’s approach to massage therapy incorporates deep, slow, and precise techniques that encourage the body to allow the work rather than guard against it - all of which allow him to get to the root of the issue and support relief.  Shayne specializes in helping those with neck, hips, arms, and hand issues. As a gamer, he is all too familiar with these aches, which makes him even more determined to help those with problems in these areas heal.

Shayne is a true advocate of using cupping in his massage sessions. Instead of applying pressure to the tissue, cupping uses negative pressure, or suction, to lift the tissue. Lifting the tissue this way allows him to work even the deepest muscle fibers while causing minimal discomfort to the client. This technique allows Shayne to stretch the fascia, increase circulation to an area, and drain inflammation - all at the same time. 

Shayne started his massage career in New Orleans post graduation from Blue Cliff College in 2013. After gaining a few years of experience as a massage therapist, he moved to Houston to further hone his skills before moving to Austin in 2018 to continue his work in massage therapy.

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