Meet Michael Parrish

Massage Therapist, Stretch Therapist

As a therapist for almost two decades, Michael has focused on developing a more effective system of healing techniques over the last ten years. He has helped clients across a spectrum of accident recovery, trauma, pre-post surgery, pregnancy, and various levels of athleticism to gain mobility and feel better in their bodies - and themselves.

Michael’s approach to massage therapy includes stretching, massage, and movement re-education. He understands that we all want to feel better in our bodies, and he recognizes that we often tend to focus on product goals (losing weight, running times, resolutions, etc.) rather than process goals like 'How-to-Stretch-Smart'.

Michael grew up overseas as an ex-pat moving to many countries before arriving in the US to attend the University of Texas. Always active and a lover of sports, Michael began his study of movement therapy education through the School for Body-Mind Centering before transferring that knowledge to working 1:1 with massage therapy clients. Although Michael's sports days are long gone, he can still be caught dancing if the music is on.

A proud father of a ten-year-old attending Zilker Elementary, Michael knows just how important it is to show up for our children during challenging times. With a son who is 2E, he understands what it's like to walk the line between figuring out how to challenge their extraordinary capabilities while treading lightly on disabilities. Michael always encourages his son to live life with a "Glad-to-be-here, Happy-to-fix-it” mindset.

Michael's mantra: Movement on What Matters.

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