A holistic convergence of personalized muscle therapies, natural skincare solutions, and spa-like serenity.

Highly personalized muscle therapies and natural skin care solutions wrapped in spa-like serenity.

Welcome to Mantra Wellness, a vortex of healing and calm nestled in Central Austin’s charming Northwest Hills neighborhood.

Experience Personalized Healing and Skincare Solutions at Mantra Wellness

At Mantra Wellness, we promise healing, caring, and individual attention that surpasses expectations. We specialize in full-body, healing massage therapies and natural skincare solutions that support self-care with a purpose. Whether you desire less pain, better athletic performance, injury prevention, or overall stress relief - our extensively trained and experienced massage therapists take the time to discuss your individual needs and goals, resulting in a truly personalized therapeutic solution steeped in serenity.


Discover the Range of Personalized Self-Care Services at Mantra Wellness

From Deep Tissue, Detoxifying Lymphatic, Myofascial Release, Ashiatsu, Reiki, and more modalities - to non-invasive, holistic skincare solutions - each of Mantra Wellness’s highly-personalized self-care services supports natural relief and renewal wrapped in warmth and comfort.


Our healing community is yours to explore, refresh, and renew. Self-care with a purpose begins at Mantra Wellness.

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We value self-care, personal growth, and holistic healing. Therefore, Mantra Wellness appointments always include extra time to thoroughly discuss body and skin concerns before our therapists begin the healing and restorative work. Full-time on the table is critical to our process and why our clientele is so loyal.


Our experienced team of practitioners is “hands down” the best in Austin!

We love it when people talk about us. And we’re happy to shamelessly share it with you!

lijah T.

Everyone they have is excellent – you can't go wrong! Attention to detail, warm and caring attitude and a very clean, good smiling place! They're my go-to massage spot.

Andrea J.

Exceptional service, relaxing atmosphere, kind and welcoming staff and extremely beneficial and effective massage. Loved everything about my experience!

David S.

Very professional operation. Easy scheduling online, excellent facility. I'm happy and grateful that I discovered Mantra Wellness!