Mantra has my whole family
getting healthy ... thank you so much ❤❤ - Andrea B

Welcome to Mantra Wellness

Nestled in a quiet retail corner of the Northwest Hills neighborhood sits Mantra Wellness, described by many as “a vortex of calm and healing” in the heart of Austin, TX. Established in 2015, Mantra Wellness serves the greater Austin community as a destination for holistic restoration, rejuvenation, and relaxation - offering advanced muscle and skin therapies in a setting designed to soothe the senses. 

Highly personalized muscle therapies and natural skin care solutions wrapped in spa-like serenity.

At Mantra Wellness, we focus on personal attention to deliver a level of individualized care not typically encountered with traditional Austin massage therapy and spa facilities. We offer a wide range of exceptional true muscle therapy and skin renewal treatments performed by extensively trained and experienced therapists who listen, hear, and treat accordingly. 

We value self-care, personal growth, and holistic healing. Therefore, Mantra Wellness appointments always include extra time to thoroughly discuss body and skin concerns before our therapists begin the healing and restorative work. Full-time on the table is critical to our process and why our clientele is so loyal.


"Best Of Austin" Massage Finalist 2021, 2022 + 2023

Our clientele is as diverse as our array of modalities.

From muscle relief and restoration therapies to anti-aging facials and other natural skincare treatments, our highly experienced therapists attentively listen to and discuss each client’s body and skin concerns before performing their unique restorative skillset. This means there is no set “protocol” for muscle and skin therapy at Mantra Wellness - your experience will always be as personal as your needs and goals. 


Self-care with a purpose begins at Mantra Wellness - heal your body, relax your soul.

We invite you to explore our services and book a specially-priced initial visit to discover the holistic restorative therapies and natural, all-vegan skincare products Mantra Wellness has to offer.


Our experienced team of practitioners is “hands down” the best in Austin!

We love it when people talk about us. And we’re happy to shamelessly share it with you!

Rebecca M.

Facial was amazing! Very relaxing and my skin was glowing when I left.

Alicia S.

The lymphatic massage was very relaxing and the next day I felt great. I’ve already booked my next session!

Calysta L.

Mantra is always clean, the staff is welcoming and it just has a good vibe.