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Rose + Sage Bundle

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Purify your space with this natural bundle of roses and sage! Soothe your soul with the gentle aroma of these herbs, while their cleansing powers scrub the air of toxins, leaving your home fresh and rejuvenated. 

Our experienced team of practitioners is “hands down” the best in Austin!

We love it when people talk about us. And we’re happy to shamelessly share it with you!

Michelle C.

Kathryn was very knowledgeable in assessing my skin and incorporated helpful products and techniques, explaining how they would work.

Ashley M.

Finally got on Shayne’s table and I just have to say that was an incredible massage! He addressed all my problems areas. Easily one of the best massages I’ve had in years.

Andrea J.

Exceptional service, relaxing atmosphere, kind and welcoming staff and extremely beneficial and effective massage. Loved everything about my experience.