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Accessible Ayurvedic Sessions

Guidelines to the 5 Ayurvedic Consultations is as follows:

 • First Consultation (90 minutes):  A Constitutional Assessment will be given to determine your type (dosha) and an overview of lifestyle, current state of health, and goals. This session provides a foundation on which we can make appropriate lifestyle recommendations specific to your makeup. As all of the doshas, regardless of type, originate in the digestive tract, digestion and diet will be examined first. Please be prepared to list any current medications and allergies.

    • Second, Third, and Fourth Consultations (60 minutes each):  We follow up on progress, fine tune or adjust, as well as introduce other complementary practices. These may include herbal recommendations and techniques such as pranayama (breath control for specific effects), meditation, restorative yoga, mantra, and work with the chakras (the main energy centers of the body.)

    • Fifth Consultation (60 minutes):  The practices of Garshana (dry brushing with a raw silk glove) and Abhyanga (self-massage with oil) will be demonstrated. Frequent self-massage with the appropriate oil is an important practice in Ayurveda for maintaining health. It increases circulation, lymphatic flow, aids in detoxification, strengthens and rejuvenates the skin and myofascial tissues. A pair of Garshana gloves and a 4 oz. bottle of oil specific to your dosha will be given as part of your package to take home and enjoy!

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