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Silk Garshana Ayurvedic Massage Gloves

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PREMIUM QUALITY PRODUCT- Handmade and convenient product based on the ancient technique of Ayurveda; made from unbleached and 100% pure silk noil that contains a wide range of enzymes that naturally benefit skin and hair; gently dry brushes the skin while exfoliating it; aesthetically stitched to provide it durability; comfortable to use and skin-friendly; breathable material manages moisture and is ideal for a dry massage.

CONVENIENT TO USE - Soft in feel and shiny in texture, these silk massage gloves are specially designed for women to pamper themselves with a relaxing massage; unlike other exfoliating products or bristles, the brush is not harsh on the skin, making it an excellent exfoliant; light in weight, ready to be used anywhere; palm-shaped design enables you to freely move your fingers with an uninterrupted hand movement in the desired direction.

PERFECT FIT AND EASY TO MAINTAIN - The mouth of each massage glove has an elastic band to prevent it from slipping, giving you a perfect fit for uninterrupted movement while allowing you to easily remove the Mitt and; gives your body and face that every lasting relaxing experience; can also be used taking a bath; reusable gloves after a quick wash and dry; low maintenance Ayurvedic massage gloves as can be washed by hand and machine both.

BENEFITS - Specifically designed Garshana Ayurvedic Massage Gloves promote good health; benefits by naturally refreshing the skin tone and stimulating the lymphatic system, optimizing sweat gland function, promoting positive energy, detoxing the liver, and removing ama; its simple Ayurvedic massage enhances blood circulation, reduces excess fat from your body and controls the appearance of cellulite; their exfoliating effect removes dead skin resulting in a younger, healthy skin

PRODUCT DETAILS - Suitable for all skin types; pair of silk Garshana massage gloves white in color; size - 22.5 x 20 cm ( 8.86 x 7.87 inches). Use these silk massage gloves to exfoliate your skin; clear the dirt on the gloves with every stroke.

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Michelle C.

Kathryn was very knowledgeable in assessing my skin and incorporated helpful products and techniques, explaining how they would work.

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Finally got on Shayne’s table and I just have to say that was an incredible massage! He addressed all my problems areas. Easily one of the best massages I’ve had in years.

Andrea J.

Exceptional service, relaxing atmosphere, kind and welcoming staff and extremely beneficial and effective massage. Loved everything about my experience.