Mantra has my whole family
getting healthy ... thank you so much ❤❤ - Andrea B

Meet Michelle Chambers


Massage Therapist, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant

Michelle's approach to wellness is integrative and holistic. She believes that true healing requires working with our whole being and understanding our nature.


She offers a variety of services at Mantra Wellness which include Ayurvedic Life Style Consulting, Massage Therapy, and Reiki (energy clearing and balancing.)

 Ayurvedic consultations with her begin with a "constitutional assessment" to discover your type (dosha.) As the yoga of lifestyle and healing, Ayurveda promotes self-knowledge and self care as the most powerful forms of mind-body healing, and it employs a range of accessible applications. Consultations include an overview of present health and lifestyle with recommendations for right diet, herbs, and exercise along with practices such as pranayama (breath control,) meditation, mantra, and more.

Her massage therapy is a blend of deep tissue, Swedish, sports, and Thai Yoga. Orthopedic and myofascial release techniques are also incorporated, as needed. As a certified yoga teacher she also weaves education into massage sessions to help clients develop healthier posture, breathing, and movement patterns.

Michelle completed the 300 hour Ayurvedic Healing Course with the American Institute of Vedic Studies in 2023, the 500 hour Professional Massage Therapy Training at Lauterstein-Conway Massage School in Austin, Texas in 2017, the 300 hour Foundation for Yoga Therapy teacher training at Yoga Yoga in 2015 in Austin, Texas, and Advanced Reiki Practitioner training with Elaine J. Abrams in New York City in 2003.

She has also taught yoga in corporate wellness programs, and accessible yoga and meditation in an addiction recovery and prevention program for both adults and adolescents.

Michelle's mantra is:  Aum Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah (May All Beings Be Happy and Healthy!)


"I love the unique styles of your therapist. I’m really enjoying Michelle Chambers. She takes time and care with me and my body issues. She skilled and talented along with her having a passion for helping others."  - Tina H.

Self-care with a purpose begins at Mantra Wellness - heal your body, relax your soul.

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